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Key Information

School Attainment

Halam had outstanding data again in 2019 with results that far exceeded national averages. The following is a table of results comparing reading, writing, maths and SPAG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) with national data. It shows those reaching the expected standard and then those reaching the higher standard (great depth) against national data. The progress scores reflect progress children made from key stage 1 (year 2) to key stage 2 (year 6).

  Halam children reaching expected standard National children reaching expected standard Halam children reaching greater depth National children reaching greater depth Halam progress scores (national range of progress is in brackets)
Reading 93% 73% 53% 27% 2.3 (-1 to 5.5)
Writing 87% 78% 27% 20% 1.1 (-1 to 4.1)
Maths 93% 79% 60% 27% 4.6 (1.8 to 7.4)
SPAG 87% 78% 60% 36%  
Reading, writing and maths combined 87% 65% 27% 11%  

 We are also ranked against other schools in Nottinghamshire and in total there are 249 schools. Our ranking out of 249 schools for each subject is as follows:

Subject Ranking out of 249 schools at greater depth level Ranking out of 249 schools at the expected level
Reading 8th 80th
Writing 72nd 16th
Maths 2nd 23rd
SPAG 5th 28th
Combined reading, writing and maths 9th 43rd