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Modern Foreign Languages


At Halam C of E Primary School we teach French to allow children to broaden a deeper understanding of the world. Language teaching prepares the children for secondary education and gives them the foundations of the language so they can apply their skills further during their education. Our intention is to make real world links and demonstrate where France is geographically as well as to understand the French culture and way of life. Our curriculum provides children in KS2 children to be able to speak, write and learn phrases to communicate with their peers in another language. Pupils learn to appreciate how important it is to speak another language and how challenges can affect people if they do not understand through language.


Teaching of French in Key stage focuses upon four specific areas:

1. Speaking
2. Listening
3. Reading
4. Writing

Children start to become familiar with certain phrases for example days of the week and basic colours. They will start to recognise and apply key French vocabulary verbally through class discussions, songs and activities. This will aid children in the pronunciation of basic phrases as well as remembering them. This is monitored by the French lead half termly. Written activities are introduced in KS2. Children are challenged to engage in basic conversations with their peers during lessons. Lessons form a two weekly cycle. All year groups start in the first term recapping basic greetings not only to allow for re-consolidation, but to also expose children to other greetings gradually becoming more difficult as they continue their primary MFL journey.


Children are provided with an appropriate balance of spoken and written language and this allows them to gain the basic transferable skills they need for Key Stage three. It enables pupils to understand and communicate ideas with each other, express their facts and feelings in speech and writing, focus on familiar surroundings and routines, using their knowledge of phonology to apply to and attempt to sound out new vocabulary.

Children become more familiar with the French language as they move through the school. They will recognise and apply key French vocabulary as they become more confident and are exposed to more language throughout the school. Children will be able to write a limited amount in French but it will include all the basic requirements of the National Curriculum. Children will be exposed to the geographical location of France so they start to understand a bit more on the culture, food and general day-to-day lifestyle. Information is gathered through pupil questionnaires, highlighting strengths and achievement and any improvements, knowledge and skills that still need to be embedded.

Final end of year assessments are made using assessment criteria that has been developed in line with the national curriculum and our French progression of skills framework. Thus identifying the level in which the child is working.