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  • Hands, feet, heart

    Published 31/01/23, by Georgina Montgomery

    In Music we have been learning the lyrics to the song 'Hands, feet, heart'.

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  • Maple experiment with 'States of Matter' in Science

    Published 26/01/23, by Rosa Christy

    Maple Class explored changes between different States of Matter using ice, hot water, cling film and solid materials. 

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  • Our Mediterranean Salads

    Published 24/01/23, by Georgina Montgomery

    This half term we are learning about the Mediterranean and today we have had a fantastic afternoon making Mediterranean salads.

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  • Roman busts and shields

    Published 21/12/22, by Georgina Montgomery

    Throughout this half term we have been learning about the Romans. We learnt about clay techniques and each created a bust of a Roman God or Goddess such as Jupiter, Juno and Diana.

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  • 'Oh yes we did!'Maple Class enjoy Cinderella the pantomime.

    Published 12/12/22, by Rosa Christy

    Maple Class were lucky to enjoy a trip to Newark and watch Cinderella the pantomime.

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  • Christmas Craft Day

    Published 07/12/22, by Georgina Montgomery

    We all had a wonderful day taking part in Christmas crafts and wearing our Christmas jumpers.

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  • Our Advent Calendar

    Published 29/11/22, by Georgina Montgomery

    As a class, we created our own Advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas.

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  • The story of Ruth and Naomi

    Published 22/11/22, by Georgina Montgomery

    In Re we are learning about amazing men and women in the bible.

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  • Dogs Trust Charity Visit

    Published 08/11/22, by Georgina Montgomery

    Today we had an assembly and workshop by Ali from Dogs Trust Charity.

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  • Drama Workshop

    Published 07/11/22, by Georgina Montgomery

    We had great fun taking part in a drama workshop.

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  • Our Stone Age Trip to Brackenhurst

    Published 31/10/22, by Georgina Montgomery

    We had a great day at Brackenhurst travelling back in time to the Stone Age, looking at the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic which is the later part of the Stone Age.

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